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Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)

The Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB) is a pioneering school in university-level informatics in Spain and has been spearheading Catalonia’s progress in the field since 1977. Its contribution to society can clearly be seen in the number of top-quality professionals it has produced, who are required by organizations that seek to innovate and make progress.

The School, its teaching staff and its courses are internationally recognized for their quality and for continuous innovation in the design of curricula and teaching methodologies. This spirit of excellence has placed the School at the forefront of delivering IT courses at university level. Thanks to its efforts, it has academic exchange and double degree agreements with more than 150 prestigious universities worldwide.

The FIB is part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya • BarcelonaTech, a public institution dedicated to research and higher education in the fields of architecture, science and engineering. It is located on the UPC’s North Campus, which has the greatest concentration of research and innovation in IT in southern Europe and forms part of the Barcelona Knowledge Campus, an international campus of excellence.

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The UPC is the university for people who contribute to imagining the future and moving the world

We offer high-quality teaching based on innovation, interdisciplinarity and internationality

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We are also recognized worldwide for our results in basic and applied research. We believe that research is the key to generating knowledge and giving economic value to technology. 


We believe in internationalization as a way of developing innovation and talent in a global and highly competitive world.

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