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Barcelona is life. In every place, in every person. Come and experience it, and fall in love with every little corner

Capital of Innovation

Barcelona a place full of career possibilities, a place to build your future

The main objective of higher vocational training is to make students specialists in their chosen sector who are able to take on high levels of responsibility and be self-sufficient in their professions while coordinating work teams. Intermediate vocational education training focuses on the placement of future workers in the job market. 

Barcelona hosts the most important conference on mobile technology in the world. Mobile World Capital Barcelona is a shared vision and collective action for change, using mobiles as the catalyst. It is committed to expanding the mobile experience throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain with strong support from the public and private sectors. 

Barcelona applies innovative solutions to manage its services and resources and to improve citizens’ quality of life. In 2014, Barcelona was the world capital of Smart Cities.

The UPC participates in large technological projects that make this city a pioneer in technology.

Mobile World Congress

Smart City

Innovation City


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